In the village of Roslin Glen (Scotland) we visited the famous Rosslyn chapel, which is better known for its connection with the novel The DaVinci code and its mysterious correlation with the Knights Templar and other secrets congregations. Close to this we could see the ruins of the castle of the same name. If you like this, you can also view Edinburgh lifestyle on StyleFeelFree magazine.

Rosslyn chapel (Scotland) / Photo: © XOANYU.
R.Xoanyu with "Headplain" shirt in Rosslyn chapel (Scotland) / Photo: © XOANYU.
Rosslyn castle (Scotland) / Photo: © XOANYU.
Y.Xoanyu with "Sisi-work" jacket & "Sidh" pants in Rosslyn castle (Scotland) / Photo: © XOANYU.
Rosslyn chapel (Scotland) / Photo: © XOANYU.